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L'une Collection Complete yourself

L'une [loon] is French for "one" and "moon."
Using fabrics that either drape, shape, or move with the body,
L'une Collection is about becoming "one" with yourself.



The L'une woman is a modern romantic who understands the importance of being an individual.  She expresses her femininity and a touch of look-at-me sass.  She may choose art as fashion in our carefully crafted runway pieces down to our rockstar cocktail rings.  The L'une woman loves to travel and finding things that are new and different. 


To offer maximum comfort with style, we cut most of the line in wovens with stretch or in knits.  Even our most outrageous plastic bustiers and accessories are surprisingly lightweight.  Inspired by La Jolla, California since 2009, we've since moved to LA, L'une is an emerging niche brand that is continually evolving with our customer's lifestyle.  We strive to design with the comfort of flip flops but with stiletto glam. 


The collection has been featured in London, Switzerland, New York, LA, OC, San Diego, Beijing, and San Francisco in publications such as WWD, CA News Apparel, Seventeen, Riviera OC, Runway magazine, and the Fashion District of LA Spotlight.

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