This dress sold out but we'll be coming up with more with our Vegas collection!


Photo: Gail Bowman, MU: Flora Wade, Hair: Melanie Littlewood, Model: Yuki M.

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Lovely photos from Angela Marklew



Styled by Ja'Niya Walker.  Came across these old photos with such a lovely mood

featuring our L'une Collection white jersey dress.


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      One oReflective Glassf the things I love to work 

       with is small glass beads.


       I like to dust feathers with it, corsets or jewelry.

       It gives it a lovely shine especially with flash 

       photography and some structure.  




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Preview to our Vegas collection

Part of our Body Rock line, we are cutting some of our styles in fun metallic fabrics.  Glam it up!

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Actress and Stuntwoman Tara Macken in L'une Collection


Actress and Stuntwoman Tara Macken in L’une Collection’s white sequin gown with laser cut sleeves.

Photo: Travis Ishida, MU: Margaux Lancaster for Senna Cosmetics, Hair: Beth Whitfield.

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